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Therapeutic and relaxation massage therapy. Contact us today to book your time! Insurance is accepted and free parking available on-site.
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Massage. Kinesiology. Exercise. Nutrition. Occupational Therapy. Queanbeyan Chiropractors Offer Advanced Natural Care. Teamwork is Key at Integrated.

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Slow, rhythmic strokes relax your body, stimulate the nervous system and relax the body. Massage is a natural pain reliever. A stronger form of massage, this approach deals deeply with the physical condition of the body. Are you ready to take the first step toward living life in the best of health? Energy balancing is usually worked into your massage session to aid in relaxing you, but can be done as a full session. Other practitioners may be content to treat your symptoms and relieve your pain. Feather Touch Brows/ Perfect Brow Cosmetic Tattoo from COSMETIC COLLECTIVE

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Sports massage can help muscles recover more quickly. Massage can be useful in detoxifying the body, improving lymph movement to aid the immune system and lessening aches, swelling, PMS, sinusitis, sluggish bowels, headaches, low energy levels and sinusitis. Menu Home About Us. It was used during rites of passage, using fluid rhythm and touch to help let go of stress and fatigue and allowing body, mind and soul to connect and balance. Our patients include professional athletes, children, arthritis sufferers and individuals looking to maximize their wellness. These types of massage are useful for helping acute or chronic injuries, tension, sports injury, long-term stress or poor posture. Request Appointment pending confirmation. masarging Canberra–Queanbeyan