How Many Calories Does an Orgasm Burn?

Orgasm Burn

An orgasm is the ultimate high of sex that everyone seeks to attain during an intercourse. It thrills the mind and body in ways that are generally hard to explain. Whenever a person nears orgasm, all muscles in their body start to contract, breathing increases and profuse sweating is induced in some people. Both men and women experience orgasm differently based on a number of factors that stimulate them sexually.

Some people attain orgasm by just watching their sexual partners or asian escorts play with each other or with their bodies. Others reach orgasm by masturbating. There are also people that attain orgasm only after penetration. Nevertheless, all orgasms result from proper stimulation of the mind and body. Whether you want to reach orgasm solo or with your partner, effort is required.

To facilitate the contraction of muscles, faster breathing and even sweating that occurs during orgasm, energy is required. But, just how many calories do our bodies burn during orgasm?

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